Taytem Star pictured.

Taytem Star pictured.


Who is Taytem Star?

 I was born an artist, on October 30th of 1998.

My mother enrolled me into an art-centric school where I learned about color theory, classical musicians, famous painters such as Picasso and Van Gough, and about the circle of life all before I was five years old.

I then became a healer.

I ignored the call, despite the wounded continuously showing up at my feet, despite healing them, and focused on my dream, which was to be a painter. I took art classes every chance there was; I felt addicted to the feeling of creation. I craved the feeling of paint on my skin and loved the internal flame that grows larger and larger until you are finally finished with a piece. I thought that was all I could ever want.

I thought that the therapeutic nature of creation was the entire point. It took me twenty years to realize that this was my voice, my way of allowing the world to hear what I want to say.

I am more than just a painter.

I am a certified Usui Reiki practitioner, tarot reader, and an intuitive healer.

My mission is to HEAL. This means to help Earth and love. I embody this mission in every moment of my life. In doing so, I offer you my artwork and spiritual healing offerings.

I love you.