Featured Works


Grumpy Man

Acrylic on canvas. 2018.

I was living as Grumpy Man for most of my teenage years.

Grumpy Man is a visual representation of how I felt throughout that time; surrounded by pain, blood, violence, and anger. I had horns as defenses and darkness in my eyes, despite my bubbly, light exterior.

I created Grumpy Man as a way to let go of those feelings.

Speak No Mind

Acrylic on canvas with resin and a fly. 2016.

I used to feel trapped, as if I were present in my body but I felt miles within my skull.

Throughout my childhood, I felt muted by external factors. My voice wasn’t spoken, heard, or acknowledged. The sinking feeling that existed in my heart needed a face, and that face ended up with stern eyes and furrowed brows. It’s long, golden hair muffles its mouth, so strongly that it begins to bleed. It has no voice. There is a very small fly that looks at the face forever encased in resin.


candy sky (1).jpg

Candy Sky

Paper marbling and photography. 2017.